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Swan Tourism

In July 2006, Swan Tourism, certified by the Turkish Ministry of Culture & Tourism, was established to organise incoming foreign tourists to Turkey.


In general; the administration has the amenities to continue the work of Sözmen Tourism (Registered Nr: 701 & 874) which is one of the first tourism companies in the history of registered travel agencies in Turkey. Sözmen Tourism had contributed to the success permanence of Turkish Tourism and Economy alike organising many operations with “Imholz Reisen” for the duration of 18 years, which was a major firm in Switzerland between 1967 & 1984. On presenting Turkey, especially in the Istanbul & West Anatolian Region, Sözmen Tourism organized services not only to one’s own country’s citizens, also to German, Austrian, English, French, Dutch, Scandinavian, Spanish, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, etc….


The mission of Swan Tourism is determined to make sustainable organisation in tourism considering available potential, demand and assortment on new/developing tourism attractions at the present day. We wish to be known that; we will be content to give service on trend tour in the world market. We have the potential to organize special tours (Gastronomic, Birdwatching...), incoming/outgoing/domestic packed tours, tour in nature (Eco-Tourism), corporate tours (business/congress supported), daily tours for cruise customers, etc… on demand.


Moreover, you can be sure that all types of your requests will be considered.




Swan Tourism


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